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November 13, 2008
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MOTHER 3 -wallpaper by Pet-shop MOTHER 3 -wallpaper by Pet-shop
I was absent on DA because I was playing this wonderful game :heart:
My brother said one day "if you are bored and don't you don't have any good game to play then you should play Mother 3" and after playing pokemon I gave it a chance. And again, what a wonderful game.

The character's designs are very very simple but you got to love them ( my favorite character is Kumatora C: ).
The history is funny and sometimes nothing makes sense (something I really like in books, movies, cartoons and games), I mean the typical "guardians" of the "treasure" in a game are usually something magic with a lot of wisdom, in Mother 3 they are transvestites with super-powers. But also the story haves serious parts and I wanted to cry when I saw the finale.

If you don't have sense of humor, you want to see a lot of blood, a lot of mega-exaggerated blinding super powers, a lot of super-powerful weapons with demons inside or stuff like that and complicated powerful characters with a sad and a dark past then probably this game is not for you.
Well, there are some "mega-exaggerated blinding super powers" but not too much like in other games.

I sorted the characters in groups: The blond boy is Lucas, the boy inside the star is Claus (Lucas's brother), in a corner are the villians, in other corner the Magypsies (the tranvestites), in front of Lucas are his friends, in the center some characters that help you in something or just appeared and behind Lucas his parents Flint and Hinawa.
Now I'm going to try and type here all the characters in the pic: (with no especifical order)
Lucas, Claus, Hinawa, Flint, Duster, Wess, Alec, Kumatora, Boney, Salsa, Samba, Cofee Table, DCMC integrants, O2 Machines, Mole Cricket, Frogs, Rope Snake, Osohe Castle Phantom, Drago, Baby Drago, Stray Dog, Item Guy, Mr. Squeaks, Mouse, Lotus Root, Mr. Saturn, Beatle, Pig, Arrow Lizard, Magic Butterfly, Hot Springs Sign (is a thing, just for fun), Ocho, Mixolydia, Lydia, Aeolia, Phyrigia, Doria, Ionia, Pig Masks, Porky, Ultimate Chimera, Clayman and Fassad.

Wallpaper sizes:
800x600: [link]
1024x768: [link]
1600x1200: [link]

Done with Photoshop CS
Mother 3 (c) Nintendo, Itoi Shigesato.
Art (c)~Pet-shop (me)

Ultimamente estaba absente en DA por que habia estado jugando este maravilloso juego :heart:
Mi hermano me dijo un dia "Si estas aburrida y ya no tienes ningun juego que jugar juega Mother 3" y despues de jugar pokemon le di una oportunidad. Y otra vez, que juego tan maravilloso.

Los diseños de los personajes son muy simples pero te enamoras de ello ( mi personaje favorito es Kumatora C: )
La historia es divertida y a veces nada tiene sentido (detalle que me encanta ver en libros, peliculas, caricaturas y juegos), digo los tipicos "guardianes" del "tesoro" en un juego son casi siempre algo magico y con mucha sabiduria, en Mother 3 los guardianes son travestis con super poderes. Pero tambien la historia tiene sus partes serias y debo decir que casi lloro cuando veo el final.

Si no tienes sentido del humor, quieres ver mucha sangre o poderes mega-exagerados que dañan la retina o super-armas poderosisimas y extravagantes con demonios dentro o algo asi o si quieres ver a personajes super poderosos y complicados con un pasado triste y oscuro, entonces este juego no es para ti.
Bueno hay algo de "poderes mega-exagerados que dañan la retina" pero no tanto como en otros juegos.

Agrupe a los personajes del dibujo: El niño rubio es Lucas en la estrella esta Claus el hermano de Lucas, en una esquina estan los villanos, en otra los Magypsies (travestis), en frente de Lucas esta sus amigos, abajo de Lucas estan varios personajes que te ayudan durante el juego o uno que otro que solo aparece y detras de Lucas estan sus padres Flint y Hinawa.
Ahora intentare teclear aqui a los nombres de todos los personajes en el dibujo: (sin orden especifico)
Lucas, Claus, Hinawa, Flint, Duster, Wess, Alec, Kumatora, Boney, Salsa, Samba, Mesa del Cafe, integrantes de DCMC , Maquinas de oxigeno (O2) , Topo Grillo, Ranas, Serpiente Cuerda, Fantasma del Castillo Osohe, Drago, Bebe Drago, Perro callejero, Tipo de los Items, Sr. Squeaks, Raton, Raiz de Loto , Sr. Saturn, Escarabajo, Puerco, Lagartija Flecha, Mariposa Magica, Letrero de aguas termales (no es un personaje, solo lo hice por diversion), Ocho, Mixolydia, Lydia, Aeolia, Phyrigia, Doria, Ionia, Mascaras de Puerco, Porky, Ultimate Chimera, Hombres de Arcilla y Fassad.

Tamaños de wallpaper:
800x600: [link]
1024x768: [link]
1600x1200: [link]

Done with Photoshop CS
Mother 3 (c) Nintendo, Itoi Shigesato.
Art (c)~Pet-shop (yo)
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MagicantGirlKitsune Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Omg I Use That Picture As My Birthday Cake This Year When I Turned 13! This Is The First Time I Use Earthbound As My Own Cake Because Lucas Turns 13 And I Turn 13 So It Would Make Sense That We Grow Up Together! , Sorry If You Dont Mind That I Borrow This Already!
Ness Turning  birthday cake Mr. Saturn 
SSFplayer2 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
why does kamutora has dat face XD
lilbear32 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
that games omg u know its good when the first chapter make u almost cry
im hyped for mother 4 if the fan nkow what they are doing we'll end up with something good
Techie8 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Wow, i like how cute you made them! You made them look scribblenaut-y. :)
Pet-shop Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
Techie8 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Yup :D
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chuggaaconroyfan7 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
I was wondering I could have your permission to use this for YouTube... I've started my first LP of this game (I love it so I chose it first) and I just wanted to get permission to use for my channel it if I can
Pet-shop Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
Sure, no need to ask, sorry for the late reply (I've been really busy)
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